The Mothman’s Harbinger, Part 1: Bridge of Doom

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On this day, in a parallel universe, the Mothman’s harbinger manifests…

Location: Point Pleasant, West Virginia, United States of America

Sarah Edwards, a fresh-faced journalism grad, stumbled upon her find in the dusty attic of Point Pleasant’s historical society. A leather-bound journal, tucked away in a forgotten trunk, bore the inscription “John A. Keel — Unpublished.” Her heart pounded. Keel, the legendary chronicler of the Mothman sightings and the Silver Bridge collapse, was a local hero. This could be gold.

Inside, faded ink painted a chilling picture. Keel’s notes detailed recurring anomalies around Point Pleasant — flickering lights, radio interference, and sightings of a colossal, winged creature with glowing eyes. Sarah shivered. These phenomena mirrored stories her grandmother whispered about the Mothman, whispers tinged with the tragedy of the bridge’s collapse in 1967.

Mothman's Harbinger: Sarah finds the book

As Sarah pored over the weathered notebook, she realized the manuscript became a diary of obsession. Keel wrote of a cyclical pattern, a “hidden rhythm” to the Mothman’s appearances, somehow tied to the bridge’s construction and subsequent demise. He mentioned radio frequencies pulsating in the abandoned TNT plant, frequencies eerily similar to ones Sarah had picked up on her old ham radio lately.

Unease pricked her skin. Was it just coincidence? She ventured to the plant, a skeletal silhouette against the twilight sky. As she fiddled with her radio, the needle on the meter danced wildly. Static morphed into a rhythmic hum, the same Keel described. Then, from the shadows, a pair of crimson eyes gleamed, followed by the silent flap of massive wings.

Panic surged through Sarah, but curiosity held her rooted. The creature, the Mothman, circled her, its form flickering in the dying light. It was as Keel described — unsettlingly large, with feathered wings and piercing eyes. It emitted a high-pitched screech, sending chills down her spine. Then, just as abruptly as it appeared, it vanished.

Mothman's Harbinger: 2 red eyes...

Exhilarated and terrified, Sarah knew she had a story bigger than any she’d imagined. But as she raced to her apartment, the town plunged into darkness. Power lines crackled and sputtered, throwing Point Pleasant into an unsettling silence. The radio hummed incessantly in her backpack, a maddening echo of the Mothman’s screech.

The manuscript spoke of a connection between the creature and the town’s infrastructure, predicting a power outage as a harbinger of something worse. Hesitantly, Sarah grabbed her phone and dialed the power plant. Emergency lines only. No answer. Panic pricked her skin. Was this the harbinger Keel warned about? Or was she chasing shadows?

With a gnawing unease, Sarah decided to check the bridge. Keel’s notes were filled with mentions of its construction, its vibrations, its… vulnerability. Could it be another bridge failure? Sarah grabbed her camera and dashed towards the Silver Bridge’s replacement, its sleek steel arch spanning the Ohio River.

8 The Mothman Prophecies 1 2200x2200

The new bridge, a symbol of Point Pleasant’s resilience, stood tall against the darkening sky. But the echoes of the past whispered in the night wind. On the bridge, a lone police car flickered, its siren wailing into the void.

Sarah saw a figure slumped against the railing, the bridge swaying erratically under their weight. It was Elias Corvus, the bridge’s engineer — who was also infamously known for his fierce opposition to its construction. He looked distraught, muttering about visions and warnings.

Suddenly, a deafening screech ripped through the night. The Mothman swooped low, its crimson eyes fixed on the bridge. Then, with a sickening groan, the steel structure began to buckle. Sarah screamed as Elias scrambled towards her, shoving her towards the shore just as the bridge collapsed into the churning water.

9 The Mothman Prophecies 2200x2200

The next morning, Point Pleasant awoke to a scene of devastation. The new bridge — which had represented the town’s proud determination and persistence — lay in twisted ruins. Elias Corvus was missing, presumed lost in the collapse. Sarah, shaken but alive, clutched Keel’s manuscript, its cryptic warnings echoing in her head.

The Mothman had returned, and with it, the town’s tragic past had been restored to its present. But for Sarah, this wasn’t just a story anymore. It was a desperate race against time to decipher Keel’s words and unravel the secrets buried beneath the echoes of the Silver Bridge. The fate of Point Pleasant, and perhaps the world, might just depend on it. 👻

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