Can you stomach these 6 delicacies of zompocalypse cuisine? (Spoiler: one’s a real bugger)

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The grocery aisles are a wasteland. Gone are the days of pre-packaged convenience and artisanal sourdough. In the grim scenes of the zombie apocalypse, food has become a desperate war cry, a primal struggle for survival. Yet, amidst the gnashing of undead teeth and the rumble of empty stomachs, a curious phenomenon has emerged: Zompocalypse cuisine.

From roadkill ragù to walker jerky: A gourmet guide for the undying

By Chef “Gutsy” Gus, Gourmet Scavenger and Culinary Chronicler of the “Walking Wasteland”

The Scrapheap Gourmet, Issue #17, October 2092
Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. And when necessity involves staring down the barrel of a growling ghoul, invention takes on a whole new meaning. Enterprising survivors have transformed the inedible landscape into a smorgasbord of the macabre.

  • Roadkill ragù: Who needs ground beef when you have fresh (or, well, slightly less fresh) roadkill? This hearty stew combines scavenged squirrel, raccoon, or the occasional unlucky pedestrian (ethically sourced, of course) with foraged mushrooms and a splash of fermented berries for a surprisingly flavorful, if not slightly unsettling, meal.

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  • Walker jerky: Forget Slim Jims, this is the ultimate protein bar for the discerning scavenger. Thinly sliced zombie flesh, marinated in a secret blend of herbs and spices (rumor has it, a dash of despair is a key ingredient), then slow-smoked over a crackling fire, is a chewy, smoky treat guaranteed to keep you going (and possibly give you nightmares).

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  • Grub surprise: Feeling adventurous? Crack open a juicy grub (those surprisingly plump maggots you find in rotten fruit) and savor the… well, let’s just say it’s an acquired taste. Rich in protein and surprisingly filling, grubs are a post-apocalyptic delicacy best enjoyed with a side of psychological fortitude.

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Foraging for flavor: A guide to the edible wasteland of zompocalypse cuisine

Supermarkets are a thing of the past. But fear not, famished friends! The post-apocalyptic landscape offers a surprisingly diverse smorgasbord for the adventurous palate.

  • Rooftop greens: Forget kale chips, rooftop gardens are the new urban oasis. Leafy greens, herbs, and even cherry tomatoes can thrive in the sun-drenched havens atop abandoned buildings. Just be sure to avoid any rooftop parties with the undead persuasion.

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  • Mutant mushrooms: Those glowing fungi sprouting from the cracks in the pavement? They might just be your next meal! With a little caution and a good mycological guide (or a very brave friend), you can harvest a variety of edible (and psychedelic) mushrooms that add a touch of the bizarre to your post-apocalyptic pantry.

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  • Bugs Bunny’s bounty: Don’t underestimate the humble dandelion or the tenacious thistle. These common weeds are packed with vitamins and nutrients, making them a valuable addition to any zompocalypse salad. Just remember to wash them thoroughly… you never know what might be hitching a ride.

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Beyond the bite: A culinary rebellion

Zompocalypse cuisine is more than just sustenance. It’s a rebellion against despair, a defiant act of creativity in the face of oblivion. It’s a way to reclaim a sense of normalcy, of community, even of joy in a world teetering on the brink. So, the next time you find yourself staring down a plate of roadkill ragù, remember, it’s not just a meal, it’s a testament to the human spirit’s ability to adapt, to survive, and yes, even to find humor in the darkest of times.

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A note to the easily queasy: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as a serious guide to post-apocalyptic dining. If the thought of grub surprise makes you gag, stick to canned beans and hope for a quick resolution to the zombie problem.

Bon appétit (undead style)! 

About The Scrapheap Gourmet

Description: A bi-monthly, hand-cranked newspaper distributed among survivor settlements in the Midwestern United States. Filled with survival tips, news from other communities, and Chef “Gutsy” Gus’s notorious “Wasteland Cuisine” column, featuring recipes, foraging guides, and cautionary tales about questionable protein sources.

Target Audience: Resourceful survivors of all stripes, from grizzled ex-military types to resourceful kids building rooftop gardens. Those with a strong stomach and a taste for dark humor are especially welcome.

Motto: “When life gives you lemons… squeeze ’em on your roadkill ragù!”

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