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Welcome to The Ghost Posts

While some might be content with the humdrum of daily life, The Ghost Posts is for those of us who crave a little more: the spooky, the unexplained, the unusual.

A destination for fans of all things paranormal and horror, we present a collection of stories, insights and resources that pull back the curtain on humanity’s darker fascinations.

Our mission

We’re here to talk about what draws us to the mysterious world of the paranormal.

We explore the ghost stories, haunted locations and horror media that have us all glued to our screens, engrossed in late-night reading.

We also touch on the unknown — ufology, cryptids, urban legends and folklore, witchcraft and other unexplained phenomena.

Who we are

Nancy Price and Betsy Bailey, Publishers

We’ve always been the kind of people who sneak a book into a party just in case, and who think a cozy night in with a gripping thriller is time well spent. We cut our teeth on the likes of Stephen King, John Saul and 80s horror movies.

Our fascination with storytelling and the enigmatic (and sometimes down-right scary) facets of human nature took root early (maybe too early ☠️) in our lives.

Nancy PriceNancy J Price is a modern-day treasure hunter of sorts. She embarked on a mission to bring forgotten pieces of American history back to life when she launched Click Americana in 2011.

From scanning vintage family photos to leafing through stacks of old magazines, Nancy transformed the website into a haven for nostalgia and a valuable source of historical perspective.

She’s also an internet old-timer, co-founding Myria.com and SheKnows.com alongside Betsy Bailey back in the late 1990s. Meticulous and well-versed in American history, Nancy brings her narrative craftsmanship and cultural savvy to our team.

Betsy BaileyBetsy Bailey is a nerd of words, spreadsheets and completed to-do lists. She’s been managing and consuming dot com wordnerdery since 1998.

As one of the original co-founders of SheKnows.com, she helped transform the site from a scrappy startup into a web powerhouse — a skill set she actively extends across her current projects, which include five other website publications besides The Ghost Posts.

Betsy lives in Minnesota with her husband (between them they have six kids & one grandbaby girl) and three dogs. She got her first dose of movie-induced terror at age 12 with the Amityville Horror movie — and she’s been unnerved by 3:15 am wake-ups ever since.

Clara Mac, Editor-in-chief

Clara Mac is a digital native who enjoys exploring the enigmatic, creepy and uncanny corners of the world.

She is tasked with acquiring content that is engaging and reliable. She brings a fresh perspective and keen attention to detail.

Her commitment to quality helps make our site a trusted source for all things strange and supernatural.

Our content

  • Best ghost stories: We handpick the tales that give you genuine chills.
  • Ghost lore: We explore the hows and whys behind ghost stories that interest us, exploring their historical roots and cultural significance.
  • Haunted locations: Fancy some ghost hunting? We spotlight places claiming to house spirits, for those bold enough to venture.
  • Horror media: Whether you’re a Netflix binger or an indie game aficionado, we guide you to your next obsession.
  • More spooky stuff: From unexplained rituals to haunted objects, we cover the range of what sends shivers down your spine.
  • Original ghost stories: Bored with the usual? We’ve got new stories to stoke your imagination and fears.
  • Supernatural stuff we like: Our personal cabinet of curiosities includes our top picks, from frightening podcasts to fascinating documentaries.
  • Urban legends: Heard a creepy story from a friend? We’re on it, dissecting the facts and myths for you.

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