7 terrifying Halloween ghost clipart & coloring pages for adults

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Catch some spooky vibes with ghost clipart & coloring pages — grown-up style

When October rolls in with its crisp air and shorter days, the thrill of Halloween is undeniable. There’s a certain charm to the season that even we adults can’t resist. To celebrate this amazing holiday, we offer a collection of  ghost-themed clipart and coloring pages that are definitely not for the faint-hearted. These seven rather horrifying options will make for a perfectly creepy night in!

Halloween is a time to revel in the things that go bump in the night, and this ghost clipart is just the thing for those who love a good scare. These aren’t your average coloring pages; they’ve got a bit more… spirit. 👻

Ghost coloring sheets: The melting skull

Our first piece is a haunting image of a skull, its form dripping away as if melting into the night. A spectral tree and a foreboding moon loom in the background, setting the stage for a classic haunted scene. As you fill in this ghost coloring page, consider using a monochrome palette to highlight the skull’s stark form against the shadowy landscape.

ghost clipart & coloring pages for adults

The reaching specter

This second image features a malevolent spirit, its hands outstretched with bony, claw-like fingers, reaching out as if to pull you into the page. A flutter of bats enhances the sense of foreboding. The challenge here is to convey the texture of the ghost’s ethereal form through your color choices.


ghost clipart & coloring pages for adults

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The gathering of ghouls

An assembly of ghosts haunts the third illustration, each spirit swirling with its own eerie pattern. Accompanied by a grave raven, twisted jack-o’-lanterns, and crooked tombstones, this coloring page invites a daring use of color to bring out the contrast between the ethereal figures and their grim surroundings.

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Coloring page ghost printable: The ghostly ensemble

Intricate and teeming with supernatural activity, this fourth tableau is a dense weave of Halloween iconography. Ghosts merge with a background crowded with pumpkins, skulls and a decrepit haunted house. This page is a treat for those who delight in detail and the opportunity to use a full spectrum of saturated shades.

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The elegant phantom

A singular spectral figure stands at the center of this composition, its form flowing and graceful among twisted trees and silhouetted bats. The crescent moon adds a touch of serenity to the otherwise haunting image. This page blends simplicity with sophistication and is ready for a color scheme that is both bold and somber.

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The friendly ghost

Shifting away from the outright horrifying, the sixth image offers a ghost with a friendlier demeanor. Surrounded by a celestial array of stars and pumpkins, this ghost seems more inviting than intimidating. It’s an opportunity to play with a lighter, more playful palette amidst the collection’s darker offerings.

ghost coloring pages for adults 6

Ghost template: The oozing entity

Our final illustration is of a ghoul in the process of either coming into being or decomposing into the abyss. Its gaping maw and vacant eyes are chilling to behold. The dripping form of this specter calls for a dynamic blend of colors to illustrate its viscous and volatile nature.

ghost clipart & coloring pages for adults

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Ghost coloring pages are more fun with mood music

This collection of Halloween ghost clipart and coloring pages for adults is designed to provide an engaging, horrifying, and ultimately enjoyable creative endeavor. Each image, with its unique blend of horror and elegance, offers a canvas for personal expression and a chance to connect with the spooky spirit of the season.

To make the most of our ghoulish illustrations, set the mood with a spooky (yet somehow relaxing) Halloween-themed playlist (we’ve shared one below) or a ghost story audiobook in the background. Let the ambient sounds of creaking doors and distant howls inspire your coloring. Once completed, consider sharing your artwork in online communities to inspire and be inspired by fellow fans of Halloween.


Now let’s grab our colored pencils, dim the lights and prepare to bring these terrifying specters to life. 👻

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