‘The Phantom Rickshaw’: Is it giving 1800s-style karmic justice — or stalker vibes?

The Phantom Rickshaw by Rudyard Kipling

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Is Agnes the ultimate stalker in her phantom rickshaw? Or did Jack earn his just rewards?

In The Phantom Rickshaw, Rudyard Kipling takes readers on a ghostly ride through colonial India of the 1880s, where love seems to linger a bit too long — even past the grave.

At the heart of this ghost story is Jack Pansay, a man who finds himself haunted by a phantom rickshaw, steered by the memories of his old flame, Agnes. Now, this isn’t your everyday tale of heartbreak. It’s love entangled with a good dose of the supernatural.

As The Phantom Rickshaw unfolds, we can’t help but wonder — is Agnes taking clingy to a whole new level (from the beyond ffs!), or is Jack just facing the ghostly music of his past actions?

Even though it’s a Victorian tale to the core, The Phantom Rickshaw is reminiscent of modern relationship woes, making us consider the fine line between love and obsession, all with a generous dose of ghostly chills. Have a read, enjoy the pretty illustrations we made to go with the story — then tell us what you think!

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The Phantom Rickshaw by Rudyard Kipling

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