Binge these top 10 horror TV shows this year for spine-chilling thrills

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Our top 10 horror TV shows

Horror TV shows have a special knack for storytelling that goes beyond mere scares. They plunge us into narratives that question reality, challenge our innermost fears, and often leave us pondering what lurks in the shadows.

This list includes a mix of returning favorites and exciting new entries that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat. These shows range from ghostly tales to psychological thrillers, each with its own flavor of horror.

Whether you’re a fan of classic horror tropes or looking for something that pushes the boundaries, this list should have something to pique your interest and keep you coming back for more.

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📺 1. The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017)

Watch on Amazon: The Vampire Diaries

the vampire diaries tv showWhen we talk about shows that have left a lasting impact in the horror genre, The Vampire Diaries undoubtedly makes the list.

This series is a fusion of horror, romance, and drama, and it has captivated a wide audience since its inception, becoming a staple of horror TV shows.

Set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, the show centers around Elena Gilbert, a high school student who finds herself entangled in a complex and dangerous world when she falls for Stefan Salvatore, a centuries-old vampire.

As the story unfolds, Elena’s life becomes increasingly intertwined with supernatural events involving vampires, witches, and other mystical entities.

The arrival of Stefan’s brother, Damon, adds a layer of conflict, as both brothers, with contrasting personalities and philosophies, vie for Elena’s heart and contend with their own tumultuous past.

The Vampire Diaries continues to stand out years later for its storytelling, well-crafted characters, and the ability to balance horror elements with emotional depth.


  • Entertaining supernatural themes and relatable dramas
  • Strong character development that resonates with viewers


  • Some story arcs can feel repetitive over the series’ long run
  • Occasionally relies on familiar genre tropes, which might not appeal to all viewers

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📺 2. Locke & Key (2020-2022)

Stream on Netflix: Locke & Key

locke and key tv showLocke & Key is based on the graphic novels by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. It takes us into the lives of the Locke family who, after a tragic loss, move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts, only to find it holds secrets beyond the ordinary.

The Locke siblings — Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode — discover magical keys in their old family house. Each key possesses its own unique and sometimes daunting power.

The series excels in intertwining these mystical elements with the emotional journey of the family. As the siblings explore the powers and secrets of the keys, they also confront a mysterious demon who seeks the keys for malevolent purposes.

Critically, Locke & Key has been praised for its imaginative storytelling and the way it balances the fantasy elements with the characters’ personal growth and family dynamics.

The show stands out for its ability to keep viewers engaged with its otherworldly adventures and relatable experiences.


  • Creative and imaginative use of magical keys
  • Engaging mix of supernatural and family drama


  • Occasional pacing issues
  • Some elements of the mystery remain underdeveloped

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📺 3. Hellbound (2021– )

Stream on Netflix: Hellbound

hellbound tv showHellbound is a gripping South Korean dark fantasy/drama thriller that stands out for its deep dives into moral and religious questions.

Set in a world where supernatural beings suddenly appear to condemn people to hell, the show tells a story that’s both disturbing and thought-provoking.

The series focuses on societal reactions to these otherworldly decrees. It follows various characters, including religious leaders, as they navigate this terrifying new reality.

Hellbound doesn’t just scare its audience — it also challenges them to ponder the nature of evil, justice, and the moral dilemmas that arise when the supernatural invades the real world.


  • Unique concept combining supernatural elements with deep moral questions
  • Engages the audience in thinking about the broader implications of its premise


  • The heavy focus on philosophical and religious themes might not appeal to all horror fans
  • Some viewers might find the pace slower compared to traditional horror shows

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📺 4. Legacies (2018–2022)

Watch on Amazon: Legacies

legacies tv showLegacies is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries which takes us back to the supernatural world of Mystic Falls, introducing a new generation grappling with their own unique challenges.

Set in the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, Legacies focuses on Hope Mikaelson, a tribrid daughter of a vampire/werewolf hybrid, along with other young witches, vampires, and werewolves.

The show is a fresh take on the universe established by The Vampire Diaries, offering the usual mix of teenage drama, supernatural adventures, and legacy of its predecessor.

It explores themes of identity, belonging, and the struggles of growing up with extraordinary abilities. The series stands out for its ability to blend elements of fantasy and coming-of-age narratives, while also paying homage to the lore of its origins.


  • Introduces new and dynamic characters while maintaining connections to the original series
  • Successfully combines supernatural elements with relatable coming-of-age stories


  • Some storylines may feel too focused on teenage drama for certain audiences
  • Might not fully resonate with fans who prefer the darker tone of The Vampire Diaries

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📺 5. Generation Z (Upcoming in 2024)

Set to premiere in 2024, Generation Z promises a twist on traditional horror narratives by combining satirical elements with a storyline centered around the generational divide.

An accidental crash of an army truck in a small British town leads to the release of a substance that turns the elderly into mindless, bloodthirsty zombies.

The younger residents find themselves in an unexpected battle against their zombified elders. The show is set to explore the social commentary on modern generational conflicts, wrapped in a package of dark humor and zombie tropes.


  • Fresh and humorous take on the zombie genre with a focus on generational differences
  • Combination of horror and satire that promises both thrills and laughs


  • The concept might be too quirky for fans of traditional horror shows
  • Risk of satirical elements overshadowing the horror aspect for some viewers

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📺 6. Castle Rock (2018–2019)

Watch on Amazon: Castle Rock 

castle rock tv showSet in the fictional Maine town of Castle Rock, a common locale in King’s literature, Castle Rock offers a unique mix of psychological horror and suspense. This series explores the universe of Stephen King, intertwining characters, themes, and settings from his renowned works.

Each season of Castle Rock presents a new story while maintaining connections to King’s literary world. The series is a goldmine for fans of King, featuring easter eggs and references that enrich the viewing experience.

It explores familiar themes like the thin line between good and evil, the supernatural, and the complexities of human nature — all hallmark elements of King’s writing.


  • Skillfully blends various Stephen King’s characters and themes into a cohesive narrative
  • Offers a deep, psychological exploration typical of King’s style


  • Those unfamiliar with Stephen King’s work might miss some contextual layers
  • Some fans may find the series’ pacing and story development slow in certain episodes

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📺 7. From (2022– )

Watch on Amazon: From

from tv showSet in a mysterious small town in Middle America, From plunges its characters — and the audience — into a nightmarish world where no one can leave.

The residents, a mix of those born there and unfortunate travelers who stumbled upon it, must navigate not only the mysteries of the town but also the horrors that lurk within it. Every night, as the sun sets, the town transforms, and its inhabitants face terrifying threats from the surrounding woods.

From excels in building tension and a sense of dread, with its horror elements rooted in both psychological fear and supernatural occurrences. The series’ ability to maintain suspense and mystery has been a highlight for viewers.


  • Captivating setting that combines everyday life with supernatural horror
  • Strong suspense and mystery elements that keep viewers engaged


  • Some may find the pacing slow as the mystery gradually unfolds
  • The series’ heavy reliance on horror tropes might not appeal to all audiences

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📺 8. The River (2012)

Watch on Amazon: The River

the river tv showThe River follows the story of Dr. Emmet Cole, a famed explorer who vanishes in the Amazon while searching for magic. The plot kicks off six months after his disappearance when his emergency beacon activates, prompting his wife and son to lead a rescue mission.

This quest quickly turns into a harrowing journey as the team encounters more than just the dangers of the jungle and comes to realize they are caught in a web of supernatural occurrences and ancient mysteries.

The show was received with mixed reactions. While it was praised for its unique setting and the compelling mystery at its core, some viewers found the mix of adventure and horror elements less cohesive than expected.


  • Interesting premise combining a jungle adventure with supernatural horror
  • Effective use of the Amazon setting to create a suspenseful atmosphere


  • Some aspects of the plot and horror elements felt underdeveloped
  • Mixed reception regarding the show’s ability to maintain consistent suspense and intrigue

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📺 9. The Whispers (2015)

Watch on Amazon: The Whispers

the whispers tv showThe Whispers is a uniquely unsettling entry in the horror TV series genre. This show centers around a central mystery that involves children and their interactions with an imaginary friend named Drill.

However, this is no ordinary childhood fantasy — Drill’s influence leads to a series of dangerous and sometimes deadly events. The series combines suspenseful storytelling with an extraterrestrial twist, as it gradually reveals that Drill might not be of this world.

The plot thickens when FBI child specialist Claire Bennigan begins to unravel the true nature of Drill’s intentions and the potential global implications.

The show adeptly combines the innocence of childhood with a chilling extraterrestrial threat, creating a tense and engaging narrative.


  • Interesting concept that mixes the innocence of children with a sinister supernatural element
  • Effective use of suspense that keeps the audience guessing


  • Some viewers might find the pace slow in the build-up of its central mystery
  • The extraterrestrial element may not appeal to fans looking for traditional horror tropes

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📺 10. Yellowjackets (2021– )

Watch on Amazon: Yellowjackets

yellowjackets tv showYellowjackets tells the story of a high school girls’ soccer team whose plane crashes in the wilderness, leading to a dark and twisted tale of survival.

Set across two timelines, Yellowjackets follows the girls both during the immediate aftermath of the crash and decades later as adults. The narrative switches between the past and present, revealing the psychological scars and secrets the survivors carry.

The show excels in its portrayal of the descent into savagery and the lingering impact of trauma, making it a captivating watch for those who appreciate complex characters and layered storytelling.

The horror elements in Yellowjackets are as much psychological as they are physical, with the show exploring the darker aspects of human nature when pushed to the brink.


  • Engaging dual-timeline narrative that adds depth to character development
  • Effectively combines psychological horror with a survivalist storyline


  • The intertwining timelines might be confusing for some viewers
  • Certain plot developments may feel intense or disturbing due to the nature of the story

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Horror TV shows: Settle in for hours of chills

From the supernatural intrigues of Legacies to the horror-comedy in Generation Z, each of these horror TV shows brings its own flavor to the table. The unsettling narrative of Hellbound and the mysterious, adventure-laden story of The River demonstrate the genre’s range and versatility.

Yellowjackets stands out with its survival drama and psychological depth, while The Whispers intertwines childhood innocence with a chilling extraterrestrial threat.

Each show brings something different to the table, whether it’s the type of story that has you peeking through your fingers or the kind that leaves you deep in thought long after the credits roll.

So, why not give these shows a whirl? Who knows, you might find your next favorite story to keep you company on those dark, spooky nights.

What horror TV shows did we miss?

We must have missed a few! Please feel free to share your favorite horror TV show binge in the comments below. 👻

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