5 haunted paintings and the scary stories behind them

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The curses & ghosts behind these haunted paintings

Haunted paintings have a unique way of grabbing our attention — with their mysterious backstories and unsettling legends, these artworks aren’t just interesting to us because they look nice but also because of the supernatural tales that come with them.

It’s fascinating that paint on a canvas can tell stories of curses and ghosts. The thought that a painting could change the world around it, causing strange or even scary things to happen, has intrigued people all over the world for a long time.

Many of these scary paintings are known for their connections to the supernatural. People who have owned or seen these paintings have talked about strange things happening, like feeling someone watching them or experiencing bad luck or weird events because of the paintings.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, the stories behind these haunted paintings pull us in. They make us wonder about what could be beyond what we see and think about the influence that art can have on our lives.

1 haunted paintings cursed painting cursed paintings haunted painting scary painting scary paintings

1. The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man is a painting that captures attention not just for its visual elements but for the unsettling feelings it evokes.

This piece of art features a figure that seems to be in a state of extreme distress or pain, with colors and brush strokes that add to its intense and uncomfortable aura.

The artist behind this work remains unknown. The lack of information about the creator leaves much to the imagination about the inspiration and circumstances behind this haunting image.

According to the person who currently owns it, the artist used his own blood mixed with the paint to create this disturbing piece.

It is said that shortly after finishing the painting, the artist took his own life, which has led many to speculate about the connection between his emotional state and the creation of the haunted painting.

Since The Anguished Man found its place in the owner’s home, there have been numerous reports of strange occurrences.

Members of the family have described hearing unexplained noises, witnessing shadows moving without a clear source, and a general feeling of being watched.

3 haunted paintings cursed painting cursed paintings haunted painting scary painting scary paintings

2. The Hands Resist Him

The Hands Resist Him features a young boy and a life-size female doll positioned in front of a glass paneled door. The most striking detail, however, might be the array of hands pressing against the glass from the other side, as if trapped and attempting to escape.

This painting was brought to life in 1972 by artist Bill Stoneham, who found inspiration in a childhood photograph of himself. Stoneham’s work captures a moment that feels both personal and universally eerie.

The painting gained a notorious reputation in the year 2000 after being sold on eBay along with a warning of its supposed haunted nature.

the hands resist him
The Hands Resist Him: Be Careful What You Bid For

The seller claimed that the figures in the cursed painting moved during the night, and even suggested they might step out of the canvas into the real world.

This listing sparked widespread concern, leading to numerous accounts of strange experiences. Viewers have reported feeling sick, experiencing a sense of unease, or having unexplained disturbances after looking at the painting, especially online.

3. The Crying Boy

the crying boy
The Crying Boy Oil Painting Art Print

The Crying Boy is a famous haunted painting that captures the image of a tearful young boy. It is an artwork that has seen countless reproductions over the years.

This painting was created by Giovanni Bragolin, the pseudonym used by the painter Bruno Amadio. He was known for creating a series of paintings depicting crying children in the 1950s, which gained considerable attention and became quite popular.

The emotional depth of The Crying Boy in particular drew people’s attention, and the painting was mass-produced as decor. The widespread availability of this painting in various forms has allowed it to grace many homes, but with this popularity came unsettling tales.

During the 1980s, a series of unsettling reports began to surface. Several fires broke out in homes that had “The Crying Boy” painting, yet, remarkably, the painting itself often remained unscathed by the flames.

These incidents led to whispers and rumors of a curse associated with the painting, suggesting that it brought bad luck or disaster to those who owned it.

7 haunted paintings cursed painting cursed paintings haunted painting scary painting scary paintings

4. Love Letters replica

Among the collection at the Driskill Hotel in Texas, the replica of a painting titled Love Letters — a painting originally created by Charles Trevor Garland — stands out.

This scary painting depicts a young girl in a white dress, holding a letter in her hands.

According to the ghost stories, this painting is of a girl named Samantha Houston, who was the four year old daughter of a U.S. Senator that is said to have fallen to her death at the hotel.

True Haunted Tales of the Driskill Hotel Volume 1
True Haunted Tales of the Driskill Hotel: Volume 1

However, the original painting was not intended to depict Samantha. In fact, there is no evidence that such an event happened, or that Samantha Houston ever existed.

Regardless, over the years guests and staff at the Driskill Hotel have reported unusual experiences related to the Love Letters painting on display.

Many claim to have seen the ghost of a young girl, believed to be Samantha, near the painting. Others report feeling a presence or experiencing a sudden drop in temperature when they pass by or stop to look at the artwork.

2 haunted paintings cursed painting cursed paintings haunted painting scary painting scary paintings

5. Man Proposes, God Disposes

man proposes god disposes
Edwin Henry 24×14 Black Modern Framed Art Print Titled: Man Proposes God Disposes

Man Proposes, God Disposes is a powerful painting from 1864, created by the artist Edwin Landseer. It portrays two polar bears amidst the wreckage of a ship, tearing into what remains.

This scene serves as a commentary on human endeavors against the unforgiving forces of the natural world. The inspiration behind this artwork is the tragic Franklin Expedition, a British voyage of Arctic exploration led by Sir John Franklin that vanished in 1845.

The expedition aimed to chart the Northwest Passage in the Arctic Ocean but ended in disaster, with all crew members presumed lost to the icy depths.

Landseer’s painting captures the grim outcome of this venture, with the polar bears symbolizing the dominance of nature over man’s efforts to conquer it.

At Royal Holloway, University of London, where Man Proposes, God Disposes is displayed, a legend has taken root among the students. It’s said that the painting is cursed, bringing distress or bad luck to those who sit near it during exams.

This belief has led to the tradition of covering the painting with a Union Jack flag during test times to ward off any negative influences.

5 haunted paintings cursed painting cursed paintings haunted painting scary painting scary paintings

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